Our Team

Mr. Mohanlalji Jain & Mrs. Sushila Walchale fiunded this society for development in India's heart, i.e. Villages. They are working from 30 year in social & education field. They understand that they are bound to devote themselves for development of this huge work, to build rural india. These projects are governed by Adv Vaishali Walchale, Secretary of Mukund Education Society, supported by educated and socially aware team of directors....

Mr. Prasanna Walchale Jain
Director, Career Development
Email: Prasanna @ Sanmati.in
Cell: +918552841000

Mrs. Vasudha Gadekar
Director Health Care
Email: vasudha @ Sanmati.in
Cell: +918552941000

Mr. Niraj Walchale
Director, Education
Email: niraj @ Sanmati.in
Cell: +918551841000

Mr. Parag Wani
Director, Socio-Economic Development
Email: parag @ Sanmati.in
Cell: +918554841000